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According to the Medical Billing Associates organization 90% of all hospital bills contain errors. If you are confused by doctors’ bills, insurance statements and unsure as to the correct amount that you owe, contact us.

In 2011, after my husband was diagnosed with a serious illness, I discovered that I quickly had to learn to navigate a complex and often frustrating healthcare system.  I had to deal with complex issues that went far beyond the average person’s experience with occasional visits to a primary care physician and some follow–up lab work.  As time passed during the treatment process, I realized that many patients and their families must be experiencing similar challenges to my own, and may not be aware of available help and resources.

My goal is to use the knowledge that I’ve gained through personal experience to help patients and their families or caregivers with advice, referrals, and assistance.  I want to be involved in making the experience of dealing with a medical crisis or emergency more positive, to better enable patients and their families to focus their attention on the best plan of treatment, for the best possible outcome.

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